"Safe and efficient safe handling of fragile goods is what a lot of customers want, and shipping company DAHUA LOGISTICS can meet these customers' needs". We are committed to the efficiency as well as the quality of the freight we provide. Definitely will satisfy customers.

I. Transport of fragile goods safely and effectively
In the daily life of human beings today, various glass, ceramic and porcelain items used are very popular. The need to transport fragile goods is also increasing from there. Transporting this fragile item is not as simple as handling these fragile items, as other items need an experienced, reputable carrier to ensure these fragile shipments are always safe and effective.

As a transporter with nearly 10 years of experience like DAHUA, safely and effectively transporting fragile goods is not difficult for us. Fragile items such as: bulbs, electronic equipment screens, liquid glass bottles, high-end dishes, high-class dishes, jars, jars, ... Large amount of storage is extremely difficult without a lot of experience in the maintenance and driving of very high damage to the goods. DAHUA transport company is very proficient in transporting fragile goods to North and South. All fragile items can be transported by DAHUA to DAHUA easily because we have the professional preservation of the goods.

II. Storage of fragile goods during transportation:
With electronic equipment screen items first wrapped with foam fixed in a carton.
With items like light bulbs: 1.2m - 2m long bulbs are covered outside the wrap, for decorative bulbs wrapped in air bags and wrapped films. Depending on the size the lamp can be wrapped and fixed in a carton.
With items such as bowls, cups, dishes, cups firmly wrapped with air bags in cartons, ...
For detailed advice on safe and fragile transport of goods, customers can call directly to the Hotline. We always serve the most attentive, especially the most favorable freight rates in the market today that will make customers unable to refuse.

III. In addition to shipping fragile goods we also:
Transportation of goods from North to South
Transport of goods and equipment
Transportation of oversized goods overloaded public goods
Transportation of food products
Transportation of plastic goods
Transportation of wooden goods
And many customer services according to customer needs….